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01/02/04 New Nickel Brushed Touch On Slim Linkable Light announced.
12/01/03 New Color Spectrum Carved Art Night Light announced.

1) Why does my light keep flashing on and off when nobody is around?

There can be a number of reasons why this problem occurs.

A) Its possible that the battery life is too low after some time of usage. Please replace all 3 batteries with new ones.
B) Your product needs resetting (very similar compared to rebooting up your computer). Please follow directions below:

  1. Rotate the motion sensor white ball facing at a 45 degree angle downward.
  1. Use at least 3 pieces of black tape and place it over the photo sensor completely to simulate darkness. The photo sensor looks like a small circle located on the top right hand side of the 8 or 10 LEDs.
  1. Turn the Light ON and then OFF. Please repeat this process 3 times.
  1. Then switch it to AUTO.
  1. Place the Light against the wall on the floor. Make sure the Light is facing upward leaning against the wall. The LEDs should be facing towards you.
  1. Step back at least 25 feet away from the Light. Do not move otherwise the Light will turn on. Wait until the Light starts to dim down and turn off (approximately 20 seconds).
  1. When the Light turns off, wait for approximately 4 seconds and then approach the Light waving your legs and arms. The motion sensor should be able to detect your movement and then the Light should turn on.

You have just completed the resetting process. Now you may return the Light back to where it was installed. Be sure to leave the switch at AUTO and remove the black tapes.

2) Can the product be placed outside?

The product was meant for dry location use only. This means it can only be used indoors or on the external side of the front or back doors where a covered porch or the like exists to protect the Light from getting wet and/or extremely cold or hot air.

3) Would there be a problem installing two lights too close together or in the same room?

Please be cautious when installing two Lights in the same area or vicinity. When both Lights are ON, the photo sensor of the first Light may pick up the light from the second and turn off the first Light unexpectedly. Therefore the two Lights should be installed as far apart as possible and properly angled to prevent the photo sensor of either Light from picking up light from each other.

4) The Light was working perfectly outdoors in my front porch but then it stopped working. Could the street light from outside or my neighbors light cause the problem? 

Any light source from outside could interfere with the operation of the Light. The photo sensor may detect the light source and then shut off the Light unexpectedly. Use the resetting procedure to get the Light to work again. Please try to change the location of installation to avoid seeing the light source.

5) I installed my Christmas lights outside along with my motion sensor light. It was working fine for a couple of days and now it doesnt want to turn on. Please help. 

The Christmas lights are a light source that could trigger the Light to turn off. You may need to keep the product indoors or you may need to reinstall the product away from the Christmas lights. Keep in mind that the photo sensor of the Light should not see the Christmas Lights in order to work properly.

6) Can the motion sensor light withstand cold weather?

There are two versions of the product designed to work with temperature as low as 320F and 140F respectively. Please call our customer service to find out what version of product you have purchased.

Product: 2PK Wireless Motion Sensor Undercabinet Light

1) My Undercabinet Light wont turn on when I approach it. What can I do to fix it?

The center picture on back of the packaging shows the correct way to install the Light. The product only works at night time. The motion sensor should be facing the way to detect motion and the switch should be in auto position. In this setting, the light will not turn on during day time. If another light source is detected nearby, the Light will also not turn on properly.


2) What kind of batteries can I use for this product?

This product uses 3 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries. All batteries must be new with the same brand. Batteries must align correctly according to polarity shown on the outside of the battery compartment. Do not mix old with new batteries or different brands because that could effect the operation of the Light.


3) The Light turns on too soon or too late. What can I do to reduce the sensitivity?

Rotate the motion sensor downward (as shown in back of package). At this setting, the Light will turn on approx. 2 feet away. Alternatively, reposition the Light closer to the wall so that the Light may turn on less than 2 feet away. Furthermore, you can rotate the light in the opposite direction with the motion sensor facing the wall so that the light wont turn on unless you wave your hand underneath the light. Make sure the motion sensor is facing upward in same direction like the photosensor.


4) Can I install the Undercabinet Light directly above the stove? Is it safe?

Plastic appliances are not heat resistive and may melt away with a temperature of 221 F. Batteries may also be in danger within a temperature of 130 F degrees. Do not install the Light directly above the stove. Install the Light as far away as possible from the stove.


5) These are not the correct screws for the Light C a little too big.

First, you can force about half way of the screw into the surface of installation and then remove it.  Use pliers to cut the screws to the desired length before forcing the screw all the way in.


6) When do the batteries wear out? Is there a signal indicator to replace the batteries?

Depending how often you use the Light, the batteries can last up to 6 months. It is common sense to change the batteries when the light intensity is low. When the Light flashes on/off or become very dim, that means the battery is low and it needs replacing.


7) Can I use rechargeable batteries for this product?

You could but the light itself doesnt come with a battery charger and the battery will not be charged at the same time when they are used.


8)  Can I install the product anywhere besides the kitchen?

Our product can be installed almost anywhere light is needed.


9)  Can I use this product anywhere outdoors?

Please do not install this product outdoors because it is not weather-resistant.


10) Does the product cause any interference to other appliances near by?

Please read the instruction manual for the FCC part. It states that the product was tested and found within the limits of a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. This product can generate radio frequency and if not installed properly or used in accordance to the instructions, the product may cause interference to radio communications. If interference does occur to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user should follow these guidelines to fix the problem.

(A) Adjust or relocate the receiving antenna of the equipment (radio or tv).

(B) Increase distance between the equipment and receiver (undercabinet light).

(C) Connect the equipment into a different outlet on a different circuit from the receiver

(D) Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.


11) My undercabinet Light will turn on and off sometimes evem I have new batteries just installed. What can I do to fix it?

Its possible that you may need to reset your light. The procedure is similar to rebooting up your computer.

Put 3 pieces of black electrical tape on the photosensor (shown in the front of the packaging). Make sure it is securely tight with no air bubbles showing.

Hook up the Light underneath your cabinet or where you had it installed.

Turn the Light ON and then OFF C do this process for 3 times.

Make sure the motion sensor is facing downward in same direction as the 13 LED lights.

Switch the Light to AUTO.

The Light will turn on for approx. 1 minute. Step back at least 15 feet away and wait for the light to turn off. Do not move C keep steady or else Light will not turn off.

When the Light turns off, walk towards the Light slowly waving your arms.

The motion sensor should pick up your movement and the Light should turn on.

This completes the resetting process. Remove the black tape.

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